How do I become a Remy Host?

There are three steps that lead up to your first meal as a Host: Application, Interview, Training. The whole process should take no more than a few hours of your time and will require either a computer or a smartphone to complete.

What do I need before I can apply to be a Host?

There are very few hard restrictions for Remy Hosts, but we ask that you have a clean home kitchen and that you’re comfortable welcoming customers into your home. To cook your first meal you’ll also need your state-sanctioned Food Handler’s Card.

How do I know if hosting with Remy is for me?

Our community is made up of all types of different people! Some common ties are: skill in the kitchen (especially cooking for a crowd), love of people & community, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Also, check out our About page.

So how does Remy work for customers?

Glad you asked! Customers typically visit to browse meals and find meal events that are nearest to their location or their tastes. People order online and meet at a venue at the designated day and time. If you want to get the full experience yourself, we strongly recommend checking out another meal! All of our hosts are happy to talk about their experiences.

What exactly does Remy provide for cooks?

• Use of the platform, including: marketing tools, online payment processing, order management, customer communication, customer feedback and reviews
• Best practices and educational material on meal preparation, marketing, food safety, and customer service
• Online marketing of your meals through our website, social media, and weekly newsletter
• Certain limited edition Remy-branded paraphernalia
• A personal consultation and ongoing support for your first meal event from our support team
• $1 million liability insurance policy to protect you in the event of an accident or illness resulting from one of your meals
• Access to a supportive host community with a wide range of collective experience and insights

How do fees work with Remy?

There’s no fee to join our community. For each meal you cook, you’ll keep 87% of your sales. 13% will go toward covering the cost of our payment processing service and ease-of-use of the platform, technical and customer support, education and marketing materials.

Do I need to be a professional chef?

Nope. You don’t have to be a professional chef or have a culinary degree. Our Hosts are:
• Aspiring food entrepreneurs, who would like more support as they build their business
• Former food industry professionals who still want to cook for a living, but without the intense demands of the restaurant industry
• Talented private chefs with extra time, in need of additional income
• People who were already selling food at farmers’ markets and other community centers, and want to offer their goods to the Remy community

What can I cook on Remy?

We aim to make it easier for people to get a nourishing meal made from honest ingredients. Therefore, we encourage hosts to use sustainably raised, responsibility sourced, organic, whole foods, etc. whenever possilbe. Some hosts switch up their menu every time, while others go with one signature routine. Experiment and learn what works!

What are my responsibilities as a Host?

Remy is a platform to launch your own small internet business, so you get to build and grow the way you want. That said, our most successful hosts share some traits in common: willingness to write about themselves and their food, a strong local network of neighbors and friends (or the willingness to hustle to build it!), attentive monitoring of sales and customer inquiries, and accountability regarding safety and training.

In what areas are you currently accepting new Hosts?

We’re currently in the Greater Los Angeles area, with plans for expansion to several other cities very soon! Please get in touch and fill out a host application if you’re interested in bringing Remy to your home town 🙂

You’re not in my area yet and that makes me sad. How do I stay in the loop?

Fill out a Host Application and let us know who we should partner with to launch in your neighborhood! Until then, follow us on social media to stay connected.

How does Remy protect the privacy of its Hosts?

Your address will only be shared with a customer once they have placed an order. Your contact information is not shared publicly either. Instead, customers can message hosts through the platform. You also have the right to deny anyone service, for any reason.

What about taxes?

Our Hosts are Independent Contractors. You’ll fill out a W9 when you start, and then in January, you’ll receive a 1099 form from us with all the relevant tax information. We have some helpful tax tips that we’ll share with you as well 🙂

Do I have to do any food safety training to host with Remy?

Yes. We require every Cook to obtain an state sanctioned Food Handler’s Card before joining the community, which ensures a basic level of food safety knowledge. Once you become a host, you gain access to a wealth of educational resources that we strongly encourage our hosts to take advantage of.

My question wasn’t answered. How can I learn more about becoming a Remy Host?

Send us an email at – we’d love to chat!